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Enjoy reading about classical events from one reliable source. Looks like you have a great site.
...W. B.

My wife and I really enjoyed the wonderful concert of the Bergonzi String Quartet with guitarist Padron and pianist Dean Sheldon Berg on Easter Sunday at Gusman Hall. Had it not been for the detailed and timely information by "Classical Connections", we would never have heard about this concert. Thank you for letting so many music lovers in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties know about the plethora of great music events in our area.
With best regards,
...V. Anding

I attended the Miami's Top Brass Concert at Miami Lakes Methodist Church and found the musicians and the church a wonderful experience. The acoustics of the church was very good allowing all who were in attendance (over 150) a great experience. I look forward to many more concerts at this venue.

This is a wonderful service. I live part time in Pompano (fall and spring) and winter near Boston, MA. I am a music lover and occasionally attend concerts and would like to be added to your mailing list. Thank you very much for this new, wonderful service. Sincerely, Joseph Palano 

Thanks! I really enjoy receiving your email reminders. You are providing a great service and you are doing it so well. Congratulations!
...Marilyn McAuliffe, Ars Flores

I am a Broward County reader and thank you for including me in your announcements. This is what the Internet is all about, after all!...Elaine McNamara

The concert last evening, the couple, the surroundings and the dessert reception in Miami Lakes, were nothing short of magnificent!...Karen

Thanks for sending your programs. Please continue sending them.
, ..Wendeline

Would love to get on your email list. The functions I have gone to see have been fabulous.

Wow!  What an amazing recital tonight. Claudio Bohórquez broke my heart with the Brahms Sonata, such passion & understanding of the music.  He is so young & brilliant, the combination with Tao Lin was amazing, such a collaboration.  I was going to this recital anyway but thanks for the email about him, I will watch his career with great interest.

Thank you very much for the wonderful work you are doing for the music lovers of South Florida! Please keep my e-mail address on your list. The concerts are very much appreciated.

Hi, please add me to your mailing list.  I went to the Miami Chamber Symphony concert (University of Miami Gusman Hall) a couple of weeks ago because a friend invited me.  I loved it!  Thanks.

A great service you're providing to the South Florida community.  There are so many things going on across three counties that's it's practically impossible to keep track. This is a great way to stay informed about all the offerings. Bravo!
...Richard Dowling

Hi There! Please keep me informed on classical happenings in the South Florida area.  It would be nice if a full time, professional, classical orchestra would come into being. It sure is different without the Florida Philharmonic Orchestra.
...Michael A. Taddonio

Beautiful work in the service of art. 
...Dr. Hannah Fischer

Hello! I just tapped into your website by mistake, and am so pleased to have found you. Being a violin (suzuki) teacher located in Cooper City, I'm very excited about having a resource like yours. This means I can find out about concerts before they begin instead of "oh, I wish I had known!" I'm very happy I've discovered your site.  Thank you.
...Ellie Riskin

Thank You!  What a lovely foretaste for yet another delightful Sunday Afternoon of Music...Can't wait: Am spreading the word/notes abroad!!
...Olga Bennett 

I read your announcements dutifully and carefully. Thanks for your efforts.
...Katie Largent

Excellent service! Thank you.
...Mayra Nemeth

Thank you for your service. I am reading every email you send and if I do not have tickets to that event yet, I make it a point to get one! Saw Mr. Goode, he was phenomenal. Thank you again.
...Marcus Struller.

You're doing a great job. Keep the emails coming. Thanks very much.
...Janice Boles

To whom it may concern, I just view your website and it's a wonderful site.  Thanks for being there for those classical music lovers.  Please add my name on your list.  Thank again.
..S.J. Shyu

WOW!  This is much needed and I do thank you for taking the initiative.  I found the Amernet concert a very rewarding experience --- especially the Vittorio Giannini (thrilling to know that lyrical line is alive at the end of the 20th century).  I look forward to your updates.  Faithful music concert goer.
... R. Duff Masterson

Thanks for letting us know about last nights Bergonzi String Quartet concert.  We're so glad we didn't miss it!
...Thelma & Dick Altshuler

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for your is classy, musical--in great taste--appropriate and very informative.  Looking forward to enjoying a great season.
...Arlyne Frankel

Hi.  Just want to thank you for including me on your e-mail list for Classical Music Concert information.
...Ned, Cellist

This is such a neat idea.  Thanks so much.

Sharon, congratulations on the website!  It's a real service for the classical music community. 
Keep up the good work.
...Rey & Lynn Baumel

The classical connection program is terrific----most appreciated and supportive of the cultural growth in South Florida.
...Judith Amster

What an elegant and attractive way to remind people of the recital.  Thanks again. Wow.
...Ross Harbaugh, University of Miami 

Wonderful undertaking, beautifully executed.  Bravo Sharon.
...Ruth Kates

What a wonderful gift to the classical community. Not too much, but enough to whet the appetite. Calming to look at, the site makes you feel that you have received a personal invitation.  Thank you, and congratulations.
...Jody Atwood

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